• The Mirena IUD is Manufactured by Bayer...
    ...the same company that has indicated to shareholders that it will reserve an additional $262.5 million to settle Yaz and Yasmin lawsuits over blood clots
  • Call the Mirena IUD Helpline and speak to a female medical social worker and a Mirena IUD lawyer
  • The Mirena IUD has had serious complications
    • Perforation of the uterus
    • The IUD can gravitate and become embedded in the uterus or abdomen
    • Pregnancy even with the Mirena inserted
    • Gravitation of the IUD, change in position
    • Ectopic pregnancy
    • Group A streptococcal sepsis
    • Infertility when the IUD becomes embedded
    • Need for surgical removal of the Mirena
  • The Mirena IUD is a flexible intrauterine device that is placed into the uterus through the vagina by a GYN. Mirena releases a continuous dose of hormones (levonorgestrel) to prevent pregnancy for up to five years.
  • Over 2 million women in the U.S. have used Mirena IUD for birth control.
    Mirena is one of the most common IUDs currently on the market.
  • Uterine Perforation Symptoms From the Mirena: If you have these symptoms see a physician immediately.
    • Lower abdominal pain
    • Heavy vaginal bleeding
    • Inability to locate the Mirena IUD string
    • Bloating, rigidity and pain in the abdomen
    • Nausea, Vomiting, Chills, Fever, Rapid heartbeat

Texas Talcum Powder- Baby Powder Ovarian Cancer Helpline

Texas  lawyers are filing  Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer lawsuits  for women in  Dallas, Houston, Abilene, Amarillo, Austin, Arlington, Beaumont, Brownsville, College Station, Corpus Chrisit, Del Rio, Denton, EL Paso, Fort Worth, Galveston, Houston, Huntsville, Killeen, Laredo, Lubbock, Mcallen, Odessa, San Antonio, San Marcos, Tylor, Victoria, Waco and Wichita Falls.

Talcum Powder- Ovarian Cancer  Helpline Texas and  Baby Powder lawyers  covering Texas are ready to help you if you have  ovarian cancer from using Talcum powder for years to dry off private area, on sanitary napkins or condoms

Learn About Filing A Talcum Powder Lawsuit

Johnson & Johnson is facing hundreds of talcum powder lawsuits for it’s Shower to Shower and Johnson’s Baby Powder products causing ovarian cancer. Women are claiming  that they  were aware that use of talcum powder for feminine hygiene could increase  their risk  for the deadly ovarian cancer  but concealed this.

Talcum Powder Lawsuit Filed

A Talcum powder lawsuit will go to trial in April 2017 claiming continuous use of Johnson & Johnson’s Baby Powder, Shower-to-Shower and other talc-based powders from 1992 to 2002 for feminine hygiene caused her ovarian cancer.
If you have developed ovarian cancer and believe it is due to  repeated use of talc products for feminine hygiene contact our Talcum Powder Ovarian Cancer Helpline today.