• The Mirena IUD is Manufactured by Bayer...
    ...the same company that has indicated to shareholders that it will reserve an additional $262.5 million to settle Yaz and Yasmin lawsuits over blood clots
  • Call the Mirena IUD Helpline and speak to a female medical social worker and a Mirena IUD lawyer
  • The Mirena IUD has had serious complications
    • Perforation of the uterus
    • The IUD can gravitate and become embedded in the uterus or abdomen
    • Pregnancy even with the Mirena inserted
    • Gravitation of the IUD, change in position
    • Ectopic pregnancy
    • Group A streptococcal sepsis
    • Infertility when the IUD becomes embedded
    • Need for surgical removal of the Mirena
  • The Mirena IUD is a flexible intrauterine device that is placed into the uterus through the vagina by a GYN. Mirena releases a continuous dose of hormones (levonorgestrel) to prevent pregnancy for up to five years.
  • Over 2 million women in the U.S. have used Mirena IUD for birth control.
    Mirena is one of the most common IUDs currently on the market.
  • Uterine Perforation Symptoms From the Mirena: If you have these symptoms see a physician immediately.
    • Lower abdominal pain
    • Heavy vaginal bleeding
    • Inability to locate the Mirena IUD string
    • Bloating, rigidity and pain in the abdomen
    • Nausea, Vomiting, Chills, Fever, Rapid heartbeat

Mirena IUD Helpline Virginia, Mirena IUD Lawyer

The Mirena IUD Helpline of Virginia is concerned about women with complications from the Mirena IUD. .  The Mirena IUD Helpline  speaks to women in Fredericksburg, Hampton, Harrisonburg, Lynchburg, New River Valley, Newport News, Norfolk, Portsmouth, Richmond, Roanoke, Suffolk, Virginia Beach, and all of Virginia regarding their need for a doctor and a lawyer. Virginia Mirena IUD Helpline  lawyers are filing Mirena IUD lawsuits in . Call us for a lawyer, doctor, information and support.

In October, 2011, the North Virginia Daily Web site reported that a woman residing in Shenandoah County had filed a lawsuit against her OB/GYN clinic and one of its doctors for failure to detect the fact that her Mirena IUD had migrated out of her uterus and implanted itself in her abdomen.

You Are Not Alone

Virginia  Women ,Tell us your Mirena IUD story and communicate online with other women. Lisa Spitzer MSW who runs the Mirena IUD Helpline Virginia has heard so many “horror stories.” The Mirena IUD Helpline is here to help women in Virginia. Virginia women are calling us on a daily basis reporting complications that have been linked to Mirena birth control Implants

  • Inflammation of the membrane that lines the abdominal cavity and internal organs
  • Intestinal perforations or obstruction,
  • Erosion of adjacent areas such as the vagina,
  • Embedding in the uterus,
  • Pelvic Inflammatory Disease,
  • Abscesses.
  • Perforation of the uterus
  • Perforation of the intestines
  • Adhesions
  • Need to have the device surgically removed from the uterus or an organ
  • Permanent infertility

 What Is the Mirena IUD?

The Mirena IUD is a small, t-shaped plastic device that is inserted into the uterus by a healthcare provider and works as a contraceptive by releasing a low dose of levonorgestrel (a synthetic progestin hormone) directly into the uterus. Like other contraceptives, the hormone in Mirena is designed to prevent pregnancy by thinning the lining of the uterus, thereby preventing sperm from reaching and fertilizing and egg, and by thickening cervical mucus to prevent sperm from entering the uterus. Should these attempts not work the a IUD itself aborts a fertilized egg

The Mirena IUD is Manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceuticals

Bayer HealthCare claims to manufacturer “products that will improve human health worldwide by diagnosing, preventing and treating diseases. As a specialty pharmaceutical company, we focus our efforts where we can have the most impact.”

Bayer is also the manufacturer of Yaz. A birth control pill  which causes blood clots in young women. Bayer has indicated to shareholders in its latest financial report that it will reserve an additional $262.5 million to settle Yaz and Yasmin lawsuits over blood clots.

 History Of The Mirena IUD

The Mirena IUD was approved by the Food and Drug Administration  in 2000. The Mirena IUD can be left in place for up to five years. Additonally the Mirena was FDA-approved in 2009 to treat heavy menstrual bleeding in women who prefer intrauterine contraception as their method of birth control.

On January 14, 2010, The FDA sent a warning letter to Bayer regarding its live consumer-directed program involving Mirena representatives who traveled to consumers’ homes. The letter stated that Bayer, the manufacturer, “overstates the efficacy of Mirena IUD, presents unsubstantiated claims, minimizes the risks of using Mirena IUD , and includes false or misleading presentations regarding Mirena IUD .”

Mirena Multi District Lawsuit Consolidation Petition Filed

January 2013, A motion has been filed to centralize nationwide Mirena lawsuits into one federal court.

FDA Adverse Incident Reports For The Mirena IUD

the FDA has received over 45,000 AERS reports of women suffering complications while using the Mirena IUD. Of these, 5079 involved dislocation and 1421 involved migration of the devices, which can perforate or damage the uterine wall.* In more than 6% of cases, patients required hospitalization or surgery.

The Mirena IUD helpline is researching the connection between the Mirena IUD and silicone toxicity. If you have been injured by the Mirena IUD call the helpline today.

“It is important for woman to share their stories and find a support from others ” The emotional and physical ramifications of these Mirena IUD”s are severe”

If you would like to share your story we would like to hear from you. If you have complications from the Mirena IUD call The Mirena IUD Helpline today for a Mirena IUD lawyer.  The lawyers work on a contingency basis – ie no fee to you – and are accepting individual cases.

The woman filed a $2 million lawsuit against Blue Ridge Gynecology & Obstetrics in Winchester Circuit Court, claiming that the doctor left the device “floating in her system” as opposed to ensuring that it was positioned properly in her uterus.

The most serious complication of the Mirena IUD is the fact that it can migrate from position and become embedded in the uterus or abdomen or a nearby organ. It will need to be surgically removed.

Mirena Adverse Events Report

The FDA received 108884 reports of reactions related to the use of Mirena from December 2000 to September 2011 . These reports describe 3124 types of side effects. Currently the Mirena adverse event reports number over 45,000. The FDA first approved the Mirena IUD in 2000. Today thousands of women are calling us with complications wanting help, support and claiming the Mirena destroyed their lives.

Women in Virginia have begun filing lawsuits against Bayer, for serious side effects:

migration of the device from the uterus,
perforation of the uterus or other internal organs,
serious other  complications related to the device

Call the Virginia Mirena IUD Helpline for a Mirena IUD lawyer